Thursday, April 1, 2010

Working for the Weekend

I've been neglect in my posting duties as of late and I have no problem blaming it all on work. So, in the spirit of labour -- manual and otherwise -- I thought I would post some pictures from Joseph O. Holmes' series Workspace. I love behind-the-scenes looks like this, especially when the actual artistic merit of the photography is this high.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great long weekend and I promise to get right back to a more acceptable blogging schedule.


corkgrips said...

if you don't already know about this series by richard nicholson i'm sure you'll enjoy it: last one out, please turn on the light

Dry Goods & Assorted Sundries said...

I hadn't seen this before ... it's great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It's timely as well, as I should be getting a Pentax Spotmatic this weekend. Excited to start shooting some film again!

Professional Doctorate by Richard said...

Work can be a real time killer I hope things slow down a bit. I was reading up on some of the reviews for Joseph O. Holmes and one of the things that I really agreed with was that he was great at making the familiar new. Thanks for posting these.

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